lørdag, 16 maj 2020 14:51

eks på evidensbaseret praksis fra IALP er nu gratis tilgængelige online

ALF har også fået en henvendelse fra IALP, som vi også er medlem af.
På deres hjemmeside, kan du finde litteratur og eks. på evidensbaseret praksis i flere områder indenfor det audiologopædiske arbejde:
"Dear Colleagues of the Affiliated Societies,
The Multilingual-Multicultural Affairs Committee (MMAC) of the International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP) has recently published informed, evidence based answers for common questions by Speech and Language Pathologists or Caregivers about:
- Child Language Development and Developmental Language Disorder
- Parent and Caregiver Concerns
- Teaching in a Diverse Classroom
- Progressive Aphasia and Alzheimer's Disease
For those that may have queries about speech and language support for multilingual populations.
All four documents are #openaccess and available for download:
We appreciate everybody's interested in sharing our work widely as we consider these evidence-based answers need to be freely accessible across the globe. Please help disseminate the information by spreading the link to the documents.
Thank you.
On behalf of the MMAC,
Prof. Dr. Wiebke Scharff Rethfeldt
Board Member and Chair of the Multilingual-Multicultural Affairs Committee
International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP)"